Trying to do this on my home build server. Although these intructions are for a laptop, I will try it on my cutom build and see if it is a go. [will update]

I am also using a Marvell Ethernet Adapter.

To enable Wake-up on LAN you are required to enable both  “Wake-up on LAN” function in BIOS and “Wake From Shutdown” function in Marvell Ethernet Adapter property.

1. Enter BIOS

2. Scroll to Wake-up on LAN option and select “Enabled”

3. Press “End” to Save changes and exit.

    To enable Wake From Shutdown

    1. Boot into windows

    2. Go to Control Panel

    3 Double click on Network Connections

    4 Right click on the Network Adaptor, and select “properties”

    5. Click on “Configure” tab

    6. Select  “Advanced” tab

    7. Scroll down to “Wake From Shutdown” and select it

    8. Change Value to “On”

    9. Press Ok to save and exit.

Wake-Up on LAN function will not work if either one is not enabled.

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