I recently upgraded to Access 2010 at work and had to open one of my old databases to run some macros. This database had been built in Access 2003 and was now being open in Access 2010. For the most part, I was expecting all queries and macros to work , and must say they did, except for one in particular: The ImportExportText macro. This macro was exporting text to an excel workbook and while it ran it came up with the following error message: “The text file specification ‘|’ does not exist”… To resolve this, head over to the KB Article ID: 2581495.

Here is what worked for me:

  1. I applied the June 2011 cumulative update for Microsoft Access 2010 – http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2544022
  2. I edited the macro in design view and re-selected the proper text specification.
  3. Saved the macro.

Make sure you do step 2 & 3 otherwise you will continue to get the error. After the update you will see the text specification has changed to a number, like 1 or another ramdom number. You must change it back to the correct one, which in my case was: <name of the macro> import specification.

Hope this helps.


I haven’t come across this error in a while. I saw it today on a Dell D620 laptop and after a quick search I found this article in Microsoft’s  website —KB 830088.

In my case, booting from my WinXP disc and going to repair options to run dskchk /r did the trick (Method 1). It does take a while for it to run though, so keep this in mind. I left the D620 running overnight. Good luck.

Glad I found this HP page right away. It was very helpful today while I installed 5 laserjets and had to get re-acquainted with the various printer control panels. I was dealing with LaserJets 5550n, 5500dn, 4600dn, LaserJets 4400, 4050TN.


Using NSlookup.exe

July 20, 2011

Today I got reminded of how usefull this command line tool is when I had to look-up the host name of several IP addresses on my desk.

Nslookup.exe is a command-line administrative tool for testing and troubleshooting DNS servers. The tool is installed along with the TCP/IP protocol through Control Panel. Following is the link to the Microsoft page that includes several tips for using Nslookup.exe. Enjoy.


Something very simple yet very frustrating is not knowing that while you have your DV camcorder ON and connected to your PC (via Fire-wire in my case) you will not hear any sound during playback in Adobe Premiere. Just disconnect it or just turn it off and you will be able to hear your files again. I hope this post will save you the time it took me (two+ hours) trying to figure out why I was not getting any sound while playing .AVI files. A very annoying feature in Premiere 9 which brought me close to finding an alternative. Happy editing!

This can happen sporadically or when you log off one user account and log in again with another account (or the same), then try to log off or shut down for the second time. The machine does not respond to the log off or shut down commands.

I first started to kill all running process using Task Manager and trying to log off after ending each. It finally logged off. I figured it was a program preventing the shut down/log off.

I made the following Registry edits and problem was solved. Please exercise caution when editing the registry.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\

AutoEndTasks = Set this value to 1

HungAppTimeout = Set the value to 1000 (One Second)

WaitToKillAppTimeout = Set the value to 1000 (One Second)

Happy editing!

Got this message on a Win XP Pro SP3 machine running Outlook 2007. Here is what I use to fix it:

Start->run..then type the following -> “Outlook.exe /resetnavpane”

From Microsoft Answers site.