After 3 years running, my HP Home server finally gave up (WHS 2003). It happened while I was trying to configure the Wake on LAN settings and somehow I lost connection to the server and all share folders. I am not sure exactly what caused it but I could not bring it back to life no matter what I did. I tried rebooting, doing a recovery, and even a system factory reset, trying each several times.. but none of it worked. I finally had to give up (after trying for two days) and decided to buy a new box. After setting up my new micro server with WHS 2011, I searched the web for how to safely recover my data from my spanned drives (3 tb).

The most usefull article was this one: How to recover data after server failure by Olaf Engelke. I followed it to the T. Especially usefull was the part about the hidden DE folder. I have to admit that I panicked after I mounted my drives in my new box and saw nothing in neither drives even after seeing a ‘Healthy’ status in disk management. The key here is to make sure you are able to see ‘Hidden Files’ in Windows Explorer (Tools–Folder Options–View) to make sure you are able to see these DE folders. I was relieved after seeing all my files were there. I just copied them to an external drive I had as backup, finished the drive setup on my new box, and then copied the files back to the server.

Hope this was useful.

Glad I found this HP page right away. It was very helpful today while I installed 5 laserjets and had to get re-acquainted with the various printer control panels. I was dealing with LaserJets 5550n, 5500dn, 4600dn, LaserJets 4400, 4050TN.

Excellent Article for a specific problem: The blinking cursor of death!
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After hours of trying to connect to my SQL Server 2008 Express install I  came across this Post. Thank you Mr. Luangaroon, you have save me more hours of searching through the  Microsoft site.

If you are receiving the following message, or one similar to it (error 53, 67, 17..etc) while trying to make an ODBC connection to your SQL Server, take a look at the steps on this post. It helped me.

Connection failed:
SQL State: ‘01000’
SQL Server error: 11001
[microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][TCP/IP

Sockets]ConnectionOpen (Connect()).
Connection failed:
SQL State: ‘08001’
SQL Server Error: 6
[microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][TCP/IP Sockets]Specified
SQL Server not found.

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Good article. I like the System restore option. I have taken advantage of this feature many times, saving me a huge amount of time in restoring crash machines.

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I got this error on a Dell Inspiron 531. To resolve, I went into the BIOS and disabled the Floopy Drive. Just changed the setting to ‘disabled’ save and exit BIOS. On re-start, the error did not show again. Also found in this article in Dell’s Tech forum.

Trying to do this on my home build server. Although these intructions are for a laptop, I will try it on my cutom build and see if it is a go. [will update]

I am also using a Marvell Ethernet Adapter.

To enable Wake-up on LAN you are required to enable both  “Wake-up on LAN” function in BIOS and “Wake From Shutdown” function in Marvell Ethernet Adapter property.

1. Enter BIOS

2. Scroll to Wake-up on LAN option and select “Enabled”

3. Press “End” to Save changes and exit.

    To enable Wake From Shutdown

    1. Boot into windows

    2. Go to Control Panel

    3 Double click on Network Connections

    4 Right click on the Network Adaptor, and select “properties”

    5. Click on “Configure” tab

    6. Select  “Advanced” tab

    7. Scroll down to “Wake From Shutdown” and select it

    8. Change Value to “On”

    9. Press Ok to save and exit.

Wake-Up on LAN function will not work if either one is not enabled.

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Blue Screen errors

May 5, 2009

I just found this great article on MaximumPC, my favorite magazine for PC Hardware news. They did a good job compiling these. Props to them.

MaximumPC Blue Screen of Death Survival Guide

Formatting will get rid of the blue screen error and allow you to boot from your Recovery discs to restore the system. I booted from a PowerSuitPro disc and used Partition Magic to format the disk, but you can use any XP or Vista recovery disc. To download Vistas recovery disc go here–>

After I booted from the Restore Disc I discover a second problem. It hung while restoring the system. Got an error code after 24% into the recovery. I headed to HP’s website to order the discs for the PC model I was working with.